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Reply to it is not murder

First of all guy your statment makes absolutely no sense. Murder and death by DWI are two different things. Secondly what makes you an expert on this? Thirdly I worked in the court system for over 21 years.
If someone picks up a gun and shoots someone is that not murde? So if a man decides to get in a vehicle while drunk and kills someone, how is that not murder by motor vehicle? He made a decision to drive impaired. Stephanie didn't ask to be killed. I think you need to go back to law school and then come back and give another explaination that makes sense. The wording of your statment doesn't even make sense. Why would they have these laws if it wasn't considered a crime?
You know that the felony murder rule (law) was invented (made a law) to boost convictions rates and please families of the deceased which in many cases is why a conviction is made the family makes it happen i think unless their sworn in as a judge there say so should not influence the court in any way? How do you know that? You comment is just one long run on sentence that makes no sense. How many times have you been convicted of DWI? Go back inside the bar and leave your phone in the car. You obviously are not very education or are under the influence yourself while you are writing this. What if it was your daughter that was killed? Would that make a difference to you? I think it would make a huge difference.


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