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Personal pleasure or murder

The recent accident on River road that killed a father and son bicyclists is a real sad and too often story in our culture. I am so saddened by this incident and can not imagine the horror the family and friends of the victims is going through. However I am more saddened that we as a culture are now accustomed and tolerant by such. And by our tolerant and acceptance have empowered such. Examine the way we treat cases like that and you will see how tolerant we have become. This is not an incident of someone making a mistake, this is a deliberate act of murder. This man deliberately got behind the wheels of a car and thus deliberately turned his vehicle into a lethal weapon, that weapon took the lives of a father and son. We tolerate this in the name of personal pleasure and personal freedom. We value personal freedom and pleasure more than the freedom and the very life of others. When are we going to confront this problem head on and stop dancing around the devastating effects of alcohol and drugs. The devastating effects of which have been and will continue to be more than the effect of wars and terrorist attacks will ever be. Examine the broken families, health effect and murders in the name of this personal freedom. The price is too high. We have proven over and over that we are not responsible enough to handle such personal pleasure and freedom. So now we mourn the murder of two innocent individual, in the name of personal pleasure


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