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The story of the father and son is so very sad. Prayers to the family.

Unfortunately, this family is far from alone.

WHEN will our legal system truly crack down on drunk and impaired drivers? Do they ever receive punishment before they actually kill the innocent who are forced to share the road with them?

How many times do you hear of someone dying at the hand of a drunken, drugged etc... who --guess what---had been charged with the same think on multiple previous occasions!

Shamefully, Wilmington is the 10th drunkest city in the country. I for one, am not proud of that.

I don't care what it takes, maybe losing liquor licenses for those bars who are irresponsible (there is one downtown that advertises "STUDENT SPECIAL - ALL YOU CAN DRINK ONLY $15". The way I add it up - most college student are not yet of legal drinking age - how does that work out at the bars?

PLEASE law enforcement - get these drunken hazards to life and limb off the roads and please court system - how about we actually punish the guilty. I for one don't care if they can never drive again. Driving is a privilege - not a right.


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