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It is not the road, the

It is not the road, the speed limit, or the bike path. It is that we don't have laws and consequences that are stiff enough to discourage drunks from driving and killing people. DOT should have sense enough to know this without doing another expensive, needless speed study. This sort of thing could happen anywhere, anytime. The clown that killed the young woman on NC 211 a few months back just wrecked his moped, so obviously, he is not incarcerated like he should be. The guy that killed these two bike riders will probably bond out and drive again until he is dealt with. How many more will he kill? Maybe he should not sit in jail until his trial, but the law should be specific that if someone who has driven drunk and hurt or killed someone, is out on bail, drives again, whether or not he has a mishap, should face a mandatory 20 years in prison.


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