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I am not suggesting at all that the men killed on River road were at fault. My point is: Many bicyclists seem to think the whole road belongs to them. Many times I have approached bicyclists who are in the automobil lane, and yet have room on the side where they could be riding. Often they could move over when autos approach, but do not. It seems that they are insinuating something like "I am riding here and nothing you can do about it", daring you to hit them. Even with more room to the right, they stay to the left, too close to the driving lane. Bike riders should give thought to this, and realize an auto driver could swerve unintentionally. Auto drivers may drive very close to the bicyclist, (maybe to warn them to move over, or because of oncoming traffic) and accidently hit them. Bike riders often (am not saying always) contribute to these incidents. I have heard many others express these same thoughts.


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