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Know him?

It seems that the majority of comments are based on speculation instead of facts from testimony by former victims such as myself and possibly dozens if not 100's of others that either through shame or fear will never come forward. I myself stated on WWAY that I had no desire to extort money from RC Soles targeting one objective "Justice." Being a victim I understand how people can be blinded by the "So called good" he did for the community if it can be called that. Tabor City is one of the many areas that has achieved a 0% growth ratio for the past 40 years. In my past visits I discovered that the area has achieved drug abuse percentages similar to the drug use percentages of the ghettos of Atlanta, New York and LA. Studies dictate that those of power and wealth are often the Dons' of local mafia. It's obvious who the local drug bosses are in a small area. Look for power and wealth to seek answers for problems many times they are the #1 cause.


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