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Give em' a break

Ok. Does anyone know these 2 men personally? Frog is a nickname given to him by his family that loves him. Not because he's waiting to be kissed. Obviously all you people have to do is worry about Frog and RC's lives. Seriously. Get your own life. If they havn't done anything to you why should you be worried about it. Frog is not a bad person. Granted he makes stupid desicions and mistakes, but no one in this world can say that they havn't made mistakes or stupid decisions. What he does is his business. As for shaun let him rest in peace thats over and done with. I just think its soo pathetic that everyone is revolving their lives around these men. I dont know the whole story either, and as close as i am to his family it's still none of my business what he does and why he does it. You people live your lives the way you want to and he will live his the way he wants to. He will be the only person who has to answer for what he does. Leave the boy alone. Take it from someone who knows he's actually a good and very funny person.


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