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canute says: b. Did you know

canute says:
b. Did you know that the NCDOT sets left turn lane yellow arrows to 3.0 seconds regardless of speed limit? That gives you 48 ft to stop. 48 ft is the length of a bus. Can you stop your 45 mph car in 48 ft? 48 ft is for a 20 mph car. A 45 mph, on a level road, needs 194.5 ft by Newton's Law of Motion. The Town of Cary already has penalized 100,000 people for not being able to stop their 45 mph car in 48 ft.

48 feet to stop?! What are you talking about?

If you're 48 feet from the intersection when the light turns yellow, and it's yellow for 3 seconds, you'll be in the intersection before the light turns red unless you're going 11 mph or slower. If the intersection itself is 50 feet across (that's 4 lanes), you'll clear the intersection before red as long as you're going at least 22 mph. Where does this "48 feet to stop" come from?

At 45 mph, you may or may not need 194.5 feet to stop, but if you keep going, you'll cover 198 feet before the light turns red. So if you were 48 feet from the intersection to begin with, you crossed the intersection and went another 100 feet down the road! So what's the deal?


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