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It's not just a Wilimgton issue. It's international.

The premise of red light camera enforcement is that all people who run red lights are bad drivers.

The red light camera data shows otherwise. The reason why 99.99% of all people run lights in NC is because the NCDOT does not know that yellow light durations are supposed to be based on the Laws of Physics. Seriously, they don't know F = ma. And so they treat a 45 mph car as if it going 20 mph, and time the yellows as if they are going 20 mph.

See Exhibit H at the website below. Cary's own data . . . a testimony to how in the dark our traffic engineers are.

The same equation the NCDOT uses, is the same one all cities use all over the world.

I am not against red light cameras. It is just that you cannot use red light cameras to enforce imprecise engineering precisely. Fix the engineering, then let the cameras come up. The cameras will not come up after that. Why? Because there will be no one running red lights anymore. No profit in it.

Brian Ceccarelli
Apex, North Carolina


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