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As a motorcycle rider, I

As a motorcycle rider, I couldn't agree more that the yellow light system is flawed, and I'll also add that it's dangerous.
For instance, the light at Wooster and 3rd, where traffic is going onto the bridge, has a ridiculously short yellow light. Twice I've waited at that red light a few vehicles back on my motorcycle. When it turned green, as I approached the light going 25mph, the light then cycled from green to yellow to red so quickly that I didn't stand a chance; my only choices were either to blow through the red or to slam on my brakes and likely lay the bike down in the middle of the intersection. I chose the former both times, obviously, and it's always been in the first 2 seconds that the light was red.
Neither time have I received a ticket for it, I'm assuming because the workers at the office that issues the tickets have a better understanding of physics than the NC-DOT does. (Or maybe they just take pity on a small female on a relatively big bike, hehe.)


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