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Give me a break

Mr. Ceccarelli:

I guess you must have been upset after the third or fourth one of these came in the mail? Perhaps you would have liked it better if a police officer stopped you and wrote you a ticket? Would that be better for you?

The problem is, there are more traffic lights then there are police officers, and there are more people running red lights constantly. Regardless of the reason, if you run a red light, you have broken the law and you run a risk of injury and or worse by doing so.

The issue here is people are pissed off about getting caught. There is no way traffic cameras cause more traffic crashes. What causes the crashes are IMPATIENT AND LAW OBSTRUCTING drivers. Our roads are highly over crowded in the greater Wilmington area and it is difficult to get from point a to point b, however, we need traffic lights and we need regulation.

The cameras, whether they or there or not, cannot stop impatient people from causing traffic crashes. They also cannot cause them to happen! The people do!

I've recieved one of these tickets, and I paid it. It made me slow down and realize I could have hurt someone.

NOW - I will not say anything to the topic of the management of how the funds are distributed. Clearly, this needs to be more transparent in nature.


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