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Sour Grapes Part 2

Once again sportslover you fail to impress me. While you are correct with coaches having certain times they can actually have contact with players, they can, however, attend games and they can talk to the kids coaches. Example: Roy Williams comes to Wilmington to watch Stillman White workout at Hoggard High School a few weeks ago. Was he recruiting him? Was that against the rules? Where D1 talent exists D1 college coaches and scouts will be there. Buzz Peterson was at several Hoggard and Hanover games this season. Was he there for the entertainment or was he recruiting? Virginia Tech had scouts in the stands all winter watching Ashley HS sophmore TJ Williams. Were they recruiting him or just there for the popcorn? Hopefully you get my point.

By the way, I still believe you are a disgrunteled parent whose kid didn't cut the mustard. For that I am truly sorry. I am sure he is a fine person and probably a good student but that doesn't give you the right to put down the success of other more talented kids or bash an organization you really know nothing about. Instead you should set more realistic expectations for your son. Jealously is something that will eat you up inside after a while. Let it go and enjoy your son while he is still there. You will miss him when he's gone.


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