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My sentiments exactly...

Too bad more people don't think like you, and realize that we can reduce our dependance on foreign oil, if we don't try to sabbotage every measure toward that end. I'm with you!

ANWR is such a small area and yet the LEFT just can't seem to separate it from the Polar Bears. ***They may want to ask any Geologist why it would be a good idea, especially while they are in college. They JUST may learn most geologists are for drilling in ANWR and will assure the young green kids that it won't impact the polar bears or polar ice caps if we drill.

How about the President providing American money to Brazil to Drill!!! NOT to benefit America...but to solely benefit BRAZIL!

Huh? Duh, how do the Dems feel about that as they feed their families from the dollar Mc Donalds and scrimp and save to barely make ends meet, so they can fill up the tank to get to the job everyday. MAYBE they will wake up...and realize that the strategies being employed from this administration are knocking us down and dragging us out...trying desperately to make America not exceptional.

But, we are not going to let this Administration destroy this Country that our troops fought and died to make and KEEP great! We will NOT be another Greece. We are ready this time, much like Nov. 2010!!!


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