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re: Brazil gas need to stop getting your info from NBC and MSNBC. They aren't exactly unbiased in their views. Look at how many of their people have taken jobs in the Obama Administration. Couldn't possibly be any conflict of interest here. Their parent company is GE. Look who just made a 14 billion dollar profit this past year and didn't have to pay a dime in taxes! This comes just after they took their share of stimulus money. Jeff Emmitt, I'm sure, has no hands in this at all. Nothing smelly here.....

One last thing, in case you haven't noticed, the President now is Obama. It doesn't matter who appointed someone to a position, the fact is, they are taking their orders from President Obama now. President Bush is no longer in charge. President Obama has agreed to give money to drill in Brazil. The American Company you hold so high as profiting from this money is owned by George Soros....THE BIGGEST MONEY GIVER TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY! NEED I SAY MORE! Again, nothing smelly here.....


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