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You are sooo Wrong!

"OBAMA UNDERWRITES OFFSHORE DRILLING" August 18,2009 issue of the Wall Street Journal.

With Obama's backing, the U.S. Export-Import bank offered two billion dollars in loans and guarantees to Brazil's state-owned oil comapny Petrobras to finance exploration in the Santos Basin near Rio de Janeiro.
~~~~~~ WHAT SAY YOU?????????
Note, once again that Obama is not funding Brazilian exploration so that the oil ends up in the United States of America; he is funding Brazilian exploration for the oil to stay in Brazil. VERY SUSPICIOUS!

Now, Is this our former Presidents fault too? I thought so!!! I am so happy that I am one of these "intelligent" people who see all sides of an issue. If you always fall back on the only thing you know how to say, "You watch Fox and I blame Bush", I have to say, "Watch the news, yourself, most of it swings to the left, and if you watched CNN you would know what I say is a FACT!"

Where on earth do you think Obama was the day after we went into Libya???? HE WAS IN BRAZIL commending them for DRILLING!!!!
DIDN'T YOU SEE it televised on C.N.N. or MSNBC??? HUH??? It was there, RIGHT on the left-wing media stations too. See! I watch the world from all sides and use my BRAIN. I AM NOT BRAIN-WASHED!!! or Brain dead/

And, since I am so smart,I began investing in oil stock in 2001 and increasing shares with every flush paycheck! I am not having any issues with paying for my gas. Can you say the same thing? Maybe you should have watched FOX or CNBC to gain some insight too. You should question why the Obama Administration is working overtime to block offshore drilling in the United States.

I know why. Do you?

The effect of Obama's offshore drilling ban puts thousands of Americans out of work and also forces drilling companies to move their assets to other parts of the world.

See, in order to create jobs, you have to be a friend to those who create jobs. Capitalism, not Socialism!
November 2012, Change WE can believe in!


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