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From what magic money pot?

Where will this be funded from? This state currently can't even return overpaid tax money yet you want to pay students for grades? Last time I checked the government wasn't a parent and it isn't their responsibility to give rewards.

Yes, I know if students get better grades that may lower the chance they are a burden on society by them becoming working individuals instead of welfare sponges. How about a time limit on receiving welfare? Say a person gets to receive benefits for up to a total of 5 years and then is cut off? If you have not figured out how to manage your life by then, you never will.

What about the children, you cry? Make it part of accepting welfare mandates birth control to prevent future sponges. In five years a person can earn at least an associates degree or a bachelor's degree, get in the work force and start to be a productive member of this society.

But not everybody wants to go to school. Ok, while you are receiving my tax money, you have to work in the neighborhood you reside. Out doing landscaping, learning how to repair heat/AC systems, learning how to install & repair plumbing, painting or carpet installiation. Then maybe the public housing areas will not be such a blight. If you see somebody spray painting on a wall you just painted and will now have to repaint due to their "art", you might step up and do something about it. If you have to go snake the same persons drain for the 4th time in a week, you might ask what are they dumping in there. Then when your time on welfare is up, you have acquired job skills that will allow you to work anywhere in the country for more than minimum wage.


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