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Lazy Parents

What do you think is easier: the parent emailing or calling each of his child's four teachers, or a teacher emailing and calling 80 or more parents? What is more logical? Maybe its that pathetic lack of initiative by the parents that has been passed down to their children and is reflected in their work ethic at school. Surely it should be someone else's responsibility to inform parents about their own child, right? I mean, why, as a parent, should one take the initiative to look into your child's education when you can wait for them to fail and then blame someone else. I mean in our age of technology, just think about howl long it takes to e-mail four teachers saying "How is my child John Doe doing in your class?" Nevermind, you are right. That sentence was exhausting to write. I am going to go replenish myself with a nap and a Gatorade.


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