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Just goes to show that if

Just goes to show that if you have the right amount of money, you can get anything dropped. Had this been a person who had a public defender, they would not have got their charges dropped and probably would be seving time. Great job New Hanover County, I can see that this county is realy making progress into equality. LOL. When she kills someone b/c she starts huffing again b/c life is just so hard,cry me a river why don't you, then maybe, just maybe the court system will punish her as she should be. Oh and age should have nothing to do with her sentancing, what about a 3o year old who is making progress towards their soberity? Don't they deserve the same preceident that the DA set for her? Just b/c she is young doesn't mean that she wasn't a more hard core drug user then someone older then her..


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