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One flaw in your logic

You somehow conclude that only people who support the arts council have a right to petition the government. Those of us who oppose it (and any other non-essential, niche expenditure) should move, as we have no right to make our positions known and voted on by the county commissioners.

Sweety, we not only have that right, we have that ability!

Taxes were never intended to fund moochers. I don't care if it's TANF queens spitting out babies, or pals of the city council members who don't feel like having a real job or getting dirty.

Taxes are for essential services that can only be provided by government. They're not intended to take money from the taxpayer and give it to selected niches that benefit only a handful of the population.

You want the arts council? Go for it. I can guarantee you that you will be met by crowds in opposition at every county commissioners' meeting....if they even discuss it. They've told you "No" once already. The days of the never-ending gravy train are over.

BTW, I'm much better at public speaking than I am at writing, so rest assured that I am up for the challenge.


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