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WINNABOW, NC (WWAY) -- Brunswick County schools now have a piece of inspiration hanging on the walls. Nationally recognized local artist Ivey Hayes is sharing his talents and gifts with the children of Brunswick County. He donated one of his vibrant, uplifting paintings to each school in the county. Hayes says he wants to leave a legacy. He also wants to inspire and motivate everyone to find their gift and use it to make the world a better place. "The kids count. They're very valuable,” Hayes said. “We can learn a lot from them as well as them learn from us. I think that if I can do all I can to help them and to motivate them to rise beyond where the Lord has brought me, I think it will have been all worth it." Hayes said his artistic and musical talents were given to him by God. He suffers from crippling arthritis and wants all people to know they can accomplish great things in spite of difficulty.

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