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CFPUA has got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really tired of hearing CFPUA's excuses for raising rates. When they first took over we were suppose to have lower rates.What we recieved was months of messed up billing and this will be there third increase. First it was all the repairs they had to do, which they should have had checked out before they took over. Enough is enough!!! I am just about sick with it all, seems like we just keep paying for bad decisions from Congress to New Hanover County. Everything is going up Taxes,Homeowners Insurance,utilities,food and gas. Everything but our pay, Yet they get there 40 hour week jobs, bonuses and benefits. I say let the House and Senate go without a months pay and see how they will like what is going on since they are making decisions for us and CFPUA needs to get out of bussiness if they don't know how budget. I am sure there is a lot us that could show them all how to budget and balance a check book with 100.00 to last for two weeks.


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