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quit your whining

The CFPUA is formed by former County employees and City of Wilmington workers who were forced to come together. The City of Wilmington employess who were acustomed to sitting on thier a**es all day and doing nothing for a paycheck (which is why all of the water line breaks and sewege spills are happening) are the ones who need furlough days and no raises! I feel sorry for the New Hanover County workers who were forced into working with the City employees and having to be the ones to repair everything they screwed up! They deserve thier pay!!! As for everyone who is upset about the rates and price increases, ect... You always have the option to pay the cost to put in a well, pay the monthly cost for salt to keep the water from bieng rusty and the maintenance if it breaks. If this appears to be to much work for you, too time consuming, or too costly, I would suggest you shut up the whining and pay your bill!


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