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So Sorry!!!

Wow not in 3 years. Join the rest of the group! As state workers have not gotten a raise in 3 years either. Nobody is helping us out either but by rasing taxes and water bills. Please if you think that the admin is thinking about your husband then you are crazy. I hate it when the workers or there spouses come on here and try and defend the same people who by your quote has not given him a raise in 3 years and none this year. Be mad and let the rest of the public be mad. We are beaucse of the non raises or cost of living or anything in over 3 years. We work hard and your husband probably does also. And getting water from the river thats crazy and for you to sugest this as a joke. No jokes here people are already cutting back and now we are going to have cut back more now. People who were once living with a cushion are not doing this anymore and now having to live paycheck to paycheck not because of spending but just trying to live. So get off the soap box and allow people to be upset.


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