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Ditto, OMG!!!

OMG is right! I am stunned and angered and agast!!! THIS IS THE WORST UTILITY COMPANY IN THE COUNTRY, strike that, IN THE WORLD!!!

We really do need to unite and have Senator Goolsby frame a Bill that would stop this encroachment into our citizens already challenged bank accounts.

It's not enough that we have Published 10% unemployment rates here in New Hanover County (actually MUCH higher), VAST "underemployment",(thanks local elected leaders, for doing "ZERO" to spur growth and create jobs for someone other than yourselves. And let us not fail to mention the $5.00 a gallon gas prices, as they rise quickly and are projected to reach by late Spring.
So, yes I really want to pay 80K for a CFPUA "secretary" that is one of the obvious Wilmington circle of someone who KNOWS SOMEONE...Hmmmm! Who did she know to get that job??? Do you know how many communication advanced degrees from top universities are OUT OF A JOB in this area? How'd she get that job??? HOW is it that SHE makes that kind of money In WILMINGTON???????????????

Remember the county Commissioners supported this rate increase!!!

Vote those suckers outta there!!! We got the POWER. Don't be sleeping at the switch during the next election either!! Keep the one that everyone calls crazy, He is FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE and actually spoke up against the rise in rates at the last CFPUA televised meeting, when all sorts of people rose to protest. I watched it on T.V., so I know it happened, I saw Brian Burger speak against the raise!! All the other DOPES looked over to their left to STARE at him!!!!!
Gotta go IRON my Shirt. I plan to mis-speak real soon and want to LOOK good when WWAY chases me down and Holds me accountable!!!


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