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brian berger thanks for saying no to cfpua rate increases

Brian Berger thank you for voting against the cfpua increase. Thank you for keeping your word and looking out for families like us who are hurting right now. We can't afford all these new taxes and rate increases our income has gone down not up, and we're luckier than most. Thank you for standing strong against all the critics who love to attack you. We support what you're trying to do and appreciate your courage and it must be hard when others on the board will stop at nothing it seems to destroy you and wway joins in attacking you unfairly. we know the hate is politically motivated and families like mine that voted for you are glad we did...please dont stop fighting for us. we support you. please folks thank brian berger for voting against more taxes and the cfpua increased rates. A breath of fresh air who cares...we have that in brian...sure he's not perfect but he's the real deal people say they want then allow others to destroy when they finally get an honest person in office. brian-we voted for you and would do it again in a about those others who bash you...


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