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Your Brain Cells are Smoking!

Bread and circuses. Thanks for keeping me laughing. The misspellings, grade-school grammar, tortured facts, outright lies and distortions all point to ignorance; my real concern is many of you are breeding at an alarming rate.

The CFPUA is the bastard child of two local governments. You need to do a little research...I know it will be hard for some of you with your backwoods IQ. I can almost smell the smoke from your brain cells rubbing together.

Find and read the Inter-local Agreement (ILA) written and signed between COW & NHC. Mayor Saffo and former Commissioner Caster’s signatures are right at the top. This devil’s spawn (as you believe) was created because the problem was bigger than both of them; they are both equally responsible for the problem they couldn’t fix.

The county likes to blame the city for lack of maintenance, but failed to see how all their inept development with no strategic planning -- dumped right back into a system that was full and broken. Both are equally guilty. Former New Hanover employees talking trash about the city…easy to do when all your stuff is NEW. Throw a little chlorine in the well-water and subsidize your customers water rates…don’t sound too hard to me. Your hillbilly population is all on septic anyway (leaching into the groundwater, wetlands, and oyster beds).

So, when the EPA and the NCDENR said in 2006, you are BOTH incompetent and you need to fix this pronto, they ran like scalded dogs to slap this ILA together so they could continue to do what they do best. Point fingers and blame, which they are doing on a grand scale. The new boss looks like the old boss, Caitlin and Berger! Read the ILA…but it spells it ALL out. The city and county are still the puppet masters, pulling the strings.

The CFPUA is trying to please many…the city and county who still have their tenterhooks fully inserted, and the rate payers, like most of our self-indulgent population who want everything to be free. Ultimately, CFPUA has been asked to fix what the City and County couldn’t. They are doing a good job of it, and that is going to cost some money.

The CFPUA was structured EXACTLY as it has been for the reason that it needed to be fixed, but you were going to cry and whine about it. There is NOTHING you will do about it…except to move out to avoid it. You must read the ILA, and know the LAW! You can try to change it (through legislative action)…but even the politicians know it needed to be done. It was structured this way on PURPOSE.

The bastard child is merely doing what anyone would want to do in their position…make it on their own and try and forget where they came from. But they can’t…monthly board meetings are like ugly family reunions that never end.

It was the City and County who asked folks to conserve in the MIDDLE OF A TERRIBLE DROUGHT. Now we don’t have one. When you compare apples and oranges…that cracks me up.

Grab yourself a bucket (as has been stated) and go down to the river, childrens, and git as much as you can! It’s all free! Go dig a latrine in your back yard.

This monthly rate amount will be akin to a 12-pack if that, and by the looks of some of you, you could go without.

Smoke that.


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