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There is no "free insurance"..that is as ingnorant as the legistlators who tried to pass this on the backs on working families. Insurance is a part of compensation package for lower than standard wages. Family coverage is not free by any means and indiviuals pay into plans that are offered now that are more comprehensive. Do you pay to park where you work? University employees do! How's that for taxing working families. How would you like to spend that kind of money to actually have to PAY to park for the priviledge of going to work...not get any cost of living increase for your family for four years, have to pay into a retirement system mandatorily of 6% of your income and then have the legislators tell you you are NOT contributing or paying your share. That is bull friends. No sir. State employees do their share and then some and our governor held the line. How bout we have elected officials who hold the line on corporations and those who's incomes are greater than 250,000$ who are NOT paying their share and have shelters and other means to avoid paying..oh yeah..they are the ones you all just elected so that ain't gonna happen!


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