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If you add up the entire

If you add up the entire compensation package teachers receive, NC still ranks among the lowest paid teachers in the nation. Public employees generally receive lower cash salaries than those in the private sector, but are offered more generous benefit packages to make up for the lower pay. If you take away these benefits, who in their right mind would choose to go into public service? We need quality people to teach our children, police our streets, and respond when our house is on fire or we have a medical emergency. Treating these people like they're sponging off the public is truly biting the hand that feeds you.

Why don't you aim some of that criticism towards those who support the continuing Bush-era tax breaks for those earning over $250,000, while at the same time demanding that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid be cut. They want these "perks" for the rich and upper middle-class to remain, while demanding the the poor and lower middle-class sacrifice for the good of the country. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Free heath insurance for an employee is being offered by employers less frequently these days, but is still fairly common. I work for a small private company (2 owners and 5 employees), and we receive free haelth insurance as a part of our compensation.


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