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The rich solution

Yes, we should place another tax on the evil rich. They worked hard (some were lucky with inheritance or the lottery) to get what they have so we should take it from them. If you really want to talk salary's, look into the starting rate for a police officer. Maybe $34k a year. That is the pay for an officer to protect, with his/her life, people they don't even know. That is a true shame but a completely different topic.

I have never worked anywhere with completely paid insurance. I've been with my current employer, a world wide corporation, for over a decade and have always had to pay my share for insurance. We also haven't had a raise in years and the employee portion of the insurance cost goes up every year.

So if you want to call it a perk for a rich person to keep what they have earned, we have vastly different definitions of the word perk. Don't spread my wealth, instead spread my work ethic.


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