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Why is it

Why is it that children going to "school" in other countries, in huts, under tree's...outperform children in the U.S.

The schools systematically let kids down. By grade 4, American students only score in the middle of 26 countries reported. By grade 8 they are in the bottom third, and at the finish line, where it really counts, we're near dead last. Its even worse when you notice that some of the superior countries in grade 8 (especially the Asians) were not included in published 12th grade results. They do not need 12 grades.

If we spent 90% of our tax dollars actually educating our students instead of paying for administrative staff and consultants our schools would be in great shape. Educational staffing is top heavy, with unproductive bureaucrats sponging off financial resources that could be spent in the classroom.


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