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Since you think you know so much...

..about nuclear energy, perhaps you should've been the one to educate the public on disaster theory, evaluation and prevention. I COULD assume that since you have the propensity to berate industry experts, that you have acheived your advanced degree in nuclear engineering to include criticality assessment during accident conditions. However, from reading your pitifully constructed post that seems to intentionally degrade professionals and exhibit your paranoia as to how nuclear energy safety studies are conducted and implemented, I can tell that you haven't achieved that educational milestone and would highy recommend that you and ol' Forest Gump continue to hang together. Let's keep IQ's with IQ's.

I can tell you don't know s**t about s**t, much less ANYTHING relative to nuclear power generation!!! While you're in that restroom, see if you can't get it a bit cleaner this time, otherwise you may get demoted.


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