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ABC will be banned in my house once AMC and OLTL are gone!

Brian Frons is so full of it! This is what he's intended for quite some time. The man has no respect for the genre or it's fans. I don't think his boss, Anne Sweeney does either. He has been systematically destroying the ABC soaps for the last several years. I have always believed he was purposefully sabotaging them with the intent of blaming the fans for the lack of viewership. Industry people are only now confirming what we the fans have been suspecting for quite some time now. ABC didn't like how the fans reacted to Rebecca Herbst being fired? I don't think they are going to like what comes of this latest ill-conceived decison either. I was already boycotting all of ABC except the soaps after they fired Rebecca Herbst. Soap opera fans are a passionate and loyal bunch...this is not like canceling a prime-time show that airs 12 or so episodes in a season. These are shows that have been on for decades, five days a week and until recently never or rarely a rerun. These shows have encompassed generations of viewers that have passed on their legacy to the next generation. It's deeply personal. Brian Frons may finally have bitten off more than he can "Chew"! (Pun intended!)


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