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Whoa! Hold the phone!

It didn't take long for the wolves to circle, did it? Perhaps 'Judge' Jolly should look closer at how many he and his cronies let go in court week after week, voluntarily dismissed, no matter how lengthy the infractions, how many prior times they've been there, than worry about a school to help drivers. Would the pay-offs be decreased?

Or could it be that now all of those deals, so easily made for years in back rooms, are harder to do now with an honest DA? Is that why at least one BC county lawyer, well known for his expertise in the back room and payoffs, is now in such a bad humor with such a changed and grouchy personality, that people are now avoiding him in the courthouse?

Or are people afraid of all the old cases that might get reopened and are stooping to such levels to make people think less of their new DA? True justice in this district would be a breath of fresh air.

With all the shadiness that has gone on in the DA's office for years, how dare ANYBODY try to find fault with Jon David.


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