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This Order is a Joke

So does this mean that any defense attorney who has contributed to Judge Jolly's election campaigns cannot practice in front of him because it would be a conflict of interest? That would eliminate the entire Columbus County defense bar, who are the ones that are really behind this smear campaign against Jon David. This $500 contribution isn't a conflict of interest and there is nothing that needs to be 'brought to light' about it. There are 3 driving school programs, including 2 that are sponsored by Brunswick Communtiy College in addition to Streetsafe, so it's not like he's giving a monopoly to a good buddy or something. It's just the only program available in this area that provides hands on instruction specific to younger drivers. If there were other programs like it then the DA would probably use them too, as it sounds like he is using every available option that there is out there for helping the driving public, not just the options that campaign contributors run. Not to mention that Streetsafe is a proven program in many other counties and the purpose of a program like Streetsafe is to keep young drivers safe and to keep citizens safe from young drivers, and safe drivers are something that Brunswick County could use a lot more of. And traffic court is saving everyone time and energy, including the judges, as mentioned in previous articles in the news just last week, so to cancel the entire traffic court program is simply rediculous. Sounds to me like some people saw the new DA getting too much good press and thought they needed to put an end to it so they are trying to stir up mud where there is none. People need to accept the fact that Jon David won the election and put their petty political differences aside and try to work with him as he tries to make things better in this district instead of fighting him every step of the way. We need our judges and defense attorneys to work with the DA's office instead of fighting against it all the time, and maybe we might all be proud to live in this area again.


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