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Elaine..A district court

Elaine..A district court judge does not have the authority to Voluntarily Dismiss a case in the State of North Carolina..Only the District Attorney can do so..So if there is a problem with Voluntary Dismissals in Brunswick county it is not with the Judges. Also Judge Nancy Phillips is assigned to ALL Drunk Driving cases in District 13 on a special grant throught the District Attorney's office and thus Judge Jolly would not be hearing Drunk Driving offenses. As to Defendants bieng found Guilty and or Not Guilty..The state of North Carolina keeps statistics about convictions and Columbus County has for years had a roughly 98% conviction rate...roughly the same as the other counties. Most cases in District court are plead and their are very few trials placed before the Judges...When there is a trial it is up to the District Attorney's office to prove their cases and it is my opinion that often times, for whatever reasons they can't do it..Officers charging incorrectly without proof is systemic in this district and most times they have to be made to come to court. Many cases get dismissed for failure of officers to appear and for failure of the ADA's to get their witnesses to court. Yet it is the Judges that always get the blame...Although Judges do make bad decisions from time to time including finding innocent people guilty and guilty people not guilty in a district where there is a 98% conviction rate I can hardly say that the Judges are just throwing everything fact i would say that is hardly the truth.


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