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unemployment benefits

You know it really upsets me that people make comments about being supported by unemployment when they have no clue each persons situation. This is the first time in my husbands life he has drawn unemployment. He has worked since he was 16 and had 3 jobs in his life and he is 56 with a heart condition. Yes he has been unemployed for a year and a half but its because people are looking over him because he is 56 and they are taking the younger ones, but of course they wont admit it. He has sent out hundreds of resumes and went to temp services. So you people who judge keep your opinons to yourself when you dont know, we have put our house on the market because of what Governor Perdue has done I am disabled, my 7 year old daughter doesnt care about spending cuts she wants to eat dinner and a place to lay her head at night, and come home from school to a stress free homeshe is our future, someone needs to care about this, to many families like us are being affected.As for the teachers who the governor is so worried about worry about my 7 year old daughter who has to learn but has to worry about where she is going to be living and has to see her parents worrying.Fix this problem, Im sure all you in office can sleep stress free at night because your homes are safe and your bills are paid.Govenor Perdue is very concerned about the tornadoes hitting our state as we all are it was so terrible and my heart goes out to those families who lost their homes and loved ones and I have said prayers for them, but if you think about it down the line if this problem isnt fixed soon what does she think is going to happen? More people are going to lose their homes and not know where their next meal is going to come from, will she declare that a disaster?I dont think so, because we are supposed to force people to give us jobs, I guess we twist their arms right?


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