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Ooooh! Sorry. No star for you!

First of all, I'm not a Republican, I'm a Libertarian.

Also, you might look earlier in my post, where I describe "open warfare in the streets" once your welfare state collapses. So while you'd LOVE to imagine that I was wanting to throw old ladies out onto the street, it was a reference to our pending national bankruptcy and "See you in the street and you better come armed."

You see, while I don't think much of Republicans and believe they could screw up dumping water out of a boot, I don't hate them. We share a lot of common beliefs and goals.

On the other hand I truly despise Democrats. Your entire philosophy is based upon pandering to any and every marginalized group, stirring up their victim mentality, then awarding them with generous cash gifts in return for their loyalty and vote. I have no doubt that right now there's a study group within the DNC looking into low to reach out to the Lesbian Somali Transgenered Dwarfs who have entered the country.

You guys don't CARE that you're bankrupting the country with entitlements. You don't have any moral problem at all with taking from productive citizens to give to some lazy, worthless P.O.S. who just had her fourth kid without benefit of marriage.

Therefore, I view 99% of Democrats the same way I view a burglar, armed robber, or any other thief: The only difference between Obama, Durbin, Reid, Schumer and the mugger on the corner is his lack of a jacket and tie.

I personally think that the Republicans and Democrats, combined, lack any measurable testosterone to make the cuts this nation needs to survive. We ARE going to collapse financially and we WILL see open revolution in the streets if we continue to fund sloth, scammers, and the inept.

Me? I'm preparing for it. When it comes, you'll be wanting to keep spreading the wealth, I'll be concentrating on spreading the blood of those who want to spread the wealth.

See you out there...


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