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Downtown Parking

I don't know why I am still surprised at the lack of common sense and lack of foresight displayed by politicians at every level from Community to National.

They can NOT see beyond raising taxes and fees to solve budget issues. It is a proven fact that doing so does not improve revenue in the long term and in many cases can hurt their bottom line.

Let's make this simple, the citizens as a whole do NOT have anymore money for you to take. Many are without jobs and the vast majority with jobs haven't seen a raise in years due to the economy. We pay more for groceries, utilities, gas, etc. so there is less and less available for leisure. If it costs more to go downtown...we will have to go less. Here is an idea, find ways to make it more economical to come downtown and enjoy ourselves. We will stay longer, eat dinner, shop and enjoy the nightlife. ALL of these things generate tax revenue far quicker than parking fees. Stimulate the economy with opportunity rather than stymie with taxes and fees.

Is this really that difficult of a concept to master?


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