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Ok... Will someone tell me

Will someone tell me why are we coming down on the Working man. Here we have State employees or any Govt employee for that matter.....who could have gone to any job they wanted...applied for a state/govt. job...with that job came a pay scale...with listed benefits...a schedule to work rain or shine....sign here. Now after these employees have done the job for so many years....I mean 30 years is a long time people...we now want to take away something they have worked so hard to reach...and by the way...state/govt employees have security...medicare taxes...and oh yes...retirement money taken out of there checks so the Govt can "hang on to it so we make sure you dont loose it". All the while all that money is collecting interest in the Govt accounts...

People...its getting really hard to understand why Im standing in line at the grocery discount beans...4 box for $1.50 mac and cheese...and discount hotdogs...while a fat couple are using their WIC and Food Stamp card to buy steaks and pre packaged meals...

Oh ya...then walking out to their Cadi Escalade...


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