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Look At the Campaign Records!

If you will look at the campaign records for Mr. David that have been posted online you will see that Douglas Darrell made a personal contribution to the campaign, but there is no indication that it came from the (NON-PROFIT) business account, so there is nothing wrong with that. You will also see that the contribution that was supposedly from the (NON-PROFIT) company that runs the program was refunded and not accepted, as was pointed out in another news article this week, so there was no problem with that either. These records are public record, so Mr. David was clearly not trying to hide them. The only thing that I see here is that a candidate for public office took a $250 contribution from an individual who works within the judicial system and whom Mr. David apparently knew already from the program in New Hanover County. That isn't any different from a candidate taking money from a clerk or someone in law enforcement or even a defense attorney. The candidate knows those people from working with them in their employment, and the contributors think that they do a good job and want to support them. That's what campaign contributions are all about, and it doesn't appear that this is any different, so I just don't understand why such a big deal is being made about this. Are we going to say that all of the attorneys that contributed to his campaign are never going to be able to do business with the Brunswick County DA's office because there would be an "appearance of impropriety" in any plea arrangement that they came to? Really? I don't think so. Not to mention that there has been no one who has come out and said exactly how many drivers the DA's office had actually referred to StreetSafe or offered any proof that Jon David or the StreetSafe program were profiting from this in any way, so until they do, I think that this is just a whole lot about nothing.


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