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Fire Him Because a Drug Dealer Went to Prison?! Really?!

Please tell me you aren't serious in calling for the DA in Brunswick County to be fired because a drug dealer got sentenced in FEDERAL court in Wilmington to 18 years in prison for selling crack?! Are you on crack?! A 'smidgen'?! Really?? Are you a crack dealer or user?! Otherwise, how would you even know how much that was, and why does it matter, because any amount of crack is too much to be out on the streets?! As a parent of 2 young children, I am GLAD that this guy was sent to prison for 18 years because that means that he won't be able to sell crack to my kids! Not to mention that I didn't see any indication that Jon David had anything to do with with this case, so I have no idea where you are coming from in the first place. It says that this was a joint operation with the feds and the WPD without any mention of Jon David or anyone in Brunswick County. However, if he did have anything to do with it, then that just makes me like him more! Putting more drug dealers in prison is a good thing, not a reason to fire someone!


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