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Mr. Jolly, You and I

Mr. Jolly,
You and I are not on the same poictal sides. But when it comes to Mr. David the new DA, I’m on your side!! I feel if a man runs for a office and if some one gives one red penny to his campaign when the man wins the office, he isn’t to give jobs to the people who helped him get in office , Its just not right !!! But; now I have seen where you have told him you’re sorry, Look, You don’t step back on what you believe in. This is the way this Country has turned, there is too many I’m sorry going around, if you say it stand by it. Mr. David is wrong in this case and you stepped back from what you believed, Mr. Jolly, I can’t believe you did that. This goes out to the man that was in the crowd of picketers holding the sign that said “Don’t Judge or you will be judged “Now how dumb could some one be??? They were standing in the Court house yard and Mr. Jolly as a judge and one that was working that day. Lord, help that dumb person & all in that crowd. This tells me just how dumb my Republican party has become. I would have voted for you Mr. Jolly but not now. You stepped down for what you believed!! (Which was the correct way) Mr. Jolly one more vote gone. I hate it turned out like this, I can’t vote for you now, Sincerely: John


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