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I am not sure if anyone really knows what is going on with this whole situation, but instinct tells me that all is not well. My conjectures come from watching, hearing and trying to assimilate the information sent out. It seems that Mr. Soles and his "boy toys" have been going at it for years. It also seems that maybe some of the parents knew what was going on, and looked the other, perhaps because money was involved. Now Mr. Soles is trying to stop the paying out and the boys are rebelling in different ways. It is time that someone come clean and fess up to everything. Perhaps the best way would be to put all of them, including Mr. Soles in a cell, let them fight it out, and the last one able to walk be let out. Then just maybe, the news media will leave these parasites alone and find something more worthy to report. I am like one of the others that responded to this story: time to move on and find other more important news to report.

One more thing about ths subject: the law keeps locking up these morons and they get out and do something again. Where is the bail money coming from and why aren't they prosecuted in put in jail where they belong? Perhaps the "good ole boy" network is still going strong in Columbus County - could it be because so many of them are in Mr. Soles' back pocket? Worth thinking about!


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