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Jenelle Evans

"Leave The Girl Alone"...What a crock! Jenelle Evans knew what she was and is doing. Pregnant on purpose to be on a TV show and to hell with..Oh lets see..being responsible for the child that she brought into this world. We won't worry about that at all!!! And, thank you to MTV for such wonderful shows. 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. We'll pay you for that!! The big picture is being missed here. This is how far we have come in society. Reality shows with kids getting pregnant to be on TV. How much has that show paid out?? I, for one, am TIRED OF IT. I do know Jenelle and her mother. All this attention to a girl who has been drinking and other things since she was around 11 years old. Hiding her birth control pills at a friend's house to get pregnant to be on that show (yes she did hide her pills). Forget about the child that will have to grow up with this over his head. How will that work out...I can see it now..What does your mom do? How will he answer that. My mom gets paid to be on TV and make an ass out of herself, my mom got pregnant with me to be on TV..Wow, no worries about that. So, to you Frustrated, the last time I checked the legal drinking age is 21. She has been and still is drinking and is no where near 21. She loves the attention she is getting or she wouldn't do it. She would be trying to take care of the LIFE she brought into this world. But, who cares about that right??? She can enjoy a day at the beach, have a video made of her fighting with another girl, be on the covers of magazines doing things that we wouldn't do or let our kids do and other such wonderful conduct. She is just a 19 year old enjoying a day at the beach.


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