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She is 19!! HELLO Idiot...

She is 19!! HELLO Idiot... drinking is not allowed at 19!! She's first off a trashy lil thing doing it for the publicity. She wants to act all grown up, well she has to wait until she is... If your 19 year old is at the beach drinking....they are breaking the law! She put on her big girl panties ( or took them off if you wanna be literal) then perhaps she doesnt need to be left alone. She put herself in this spot buy putting "MY cheap pathetic teen parenting life" for sale to MTV. Let her get her just rewards because now they are gonna follow that lil stinking piece of white trash all over waiting for buzzard pickings of her life and she asked for it when she applied for the show. Feel sorry for her somewhere else, also TV3 are dilligantly reporting our closest thing to celebrity around here just like the media should. It's not her but her mom and that baby that ultimately will suffer from it.


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