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It may be only them

Randi isn't talking to me because I referred to her as 'my little duck-lips," a humorous reference to her mugshot taken on the night that her mouth french kissed her steering wheel while trying to duplicate Joey Chitwood's show. She didn't think it was funny.

Meanwhile, it appears that Jenelle is stepping out on me, she's about to look like Ruth Buzzi with a bad hangover if she gets into the ring with Killer Kardashian, plus she'll probably want to bring that dog on the boat. It's too young to know the "hang your butt over the fantail" trick. (I have taught that one to Janelle and Randi, however.)

So it looks like it will be only R.C., Frog, and me....which complicates things.

Because when Randi, Jenelle, and I returned without those two weirdos from the Yam City, it was a cinch I could pin their disappearance on one of them, considering the girls' records. I had it all rehearsed...

[Dissolve to dream sequence]

"That's when Jenelle jumps up, grabs R.C. by the collar and starts screamin' at him, "You want a piece of me? You want a piece of me?"

Well, R.C. starts yellin' "No! You're an icky GIRL. Let go of me," and suddenly pulls out this pipe but Jenelle gets all ninja-like and stuff, and takes the pipe away from R.C. and starts smackin' him with it..."

[Fade back to now]

SIGH! Nothing is working out right.....


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