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Rest Assurred Glenda Baby

I For ONE, have helped out NUMEROUS people since moving to North Carolina over fifteen years ago, upon seeing the state of mental illness, abject poverty, and substance abuse cases here. Poverty, usually caused by drug/alcohol abuse and/or mental illness in families who can't or do not work for a living.

I have given my professional services to this 'state'
(of distress), FREE of any charge, as I have watched MANY GOOD CHRISTIAN people do.

Since you have asked the question, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY..."

Unconditionally...and never before discussed,

I have bought shoes and socks for the shoeless and sockless.

I have bought pants for the drunks who defecated in theirs.

I have delivered Meals on Wheels.

I have cooked Meals on Wheels during the Holidays, when YOU were sleeping in, or enjoying the day with your family, or going off to the beach.
I have helped Salvation Army and the Marines with their Children Toys Christmas Programs.
I have worked endless hours on Angel Tree programs for Prisoners kids so they have a bond when their mommies and/or daddies get out of Prison.

I have stood vigil over dying aged people who have no family, or who have no family who cares enough.

I have stooped to the curb, to pick up someone who was homeless, alone, lost, forsaken and forgotten, all while YOU AVERTED YOUR EYES.

Yet, I keep getting told that I am a "NORTHERNER", as if I do NOT do enough for those who seem to "just want to get by", but always need a HANDOUT from ...oh yeah, one of us Da** Yankees.

Ya know what, Glenda, You are Right... Lets follow your question, (which always comes up when there are opposing viewpoints), the rest of my answer is in the form of a QUESTION, "What have you DONE LATELY?"
P>S. Don't call us HATEFUL because we make Intelligent comments about an unintelligent situation.


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