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It's true. I said it

It's true. I said it because I hear people actually say it all the time. Respected people; People who should otherwise know better that in this country we have to be past all of this by now. The same goes for this rediculous birther movement.

I mean, come on. This whole topic was regenerated from Donald Trump. Of all people, Donald Trump. I'm from New Jersey, there is plenty about that man that needs to be brought to light.

Again, I don't think the President is making all the best decisions but its impossible to please everyone. As far as the deficit goes, well, if I ran several trillions in bad debt of your money up for 8 years, I'm sure it would take longer then two years to clean it up. Taxes are going to go up, because the price of doing anything will forever go up.

Having that said, I think the government really needs to take a long hard look at the spending and reign down on all of the entitlements and completely overhaul the welfare system. We have created a society where it is okay not to pay your bills and to ask Uncle Sam for everything. That must stop and I don't believe that its possbile to do in one or two presidential terms by either political party.

Finally, there is not and will never be a perfect president. Humans are flawed in too many ways for us to create someone who always makes the best decision. But, as in most political arenas selecting the man who will look out for the majority of society will help us to prevail the best. That is what happened given our last Presidential Election. The majority spoke. America is still trying to come to terms with what that majority makes up in the demographics of traditional old USA.

Perhaps the next group of candidates will be better then the last pool. Regardless, this is our President now and we can't do anything about that until 2012.


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