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Questioning your racist comment...

Challenge the WORLD,

You wrote this:
"People are still afraid of having a black man in the presidency." You continued with, "This is terrible that people still think, live and act this way."

What "PEOPLE" do you mean??? Why, White People, right???

News Flash:
HE could not have been elected if WHITES didn't overwhelmingly drink the Koolaid and vote for him.

BTW, I don't think of Obama as a "black man in the presidency"

Don't you realize that Barack Hussein Obama is White? HIS AMERICAN MOTHER WAS WHITE, HIS KENYAN FATHER WAS AFRICAN.

That makes Obama every bit as WHITE as he is BLACK.

HE IS A WHITE AFRICAN AMERICAN...or an African American White.

THAT is a fact, but who the HECK cares about his RACE! NO ONE!!! I only know because I WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT who apparently wants us to go bankrupt. Have you ever read any biography on him? PLEEEEZE educate yourself!

I challenge you and other defenders of this arrogant president...

Read and then .. TRY... to disprove the Facts in so many books, like "THE Roots of Obama's Rage" by Dinesh d' Sousa.

It's in the local NHC Library. THERE IS A WAITING LIST, but if you get free books on your Pell GRANT handouts, this is the book to actually read.


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