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It's another case of Whites running Scared!!

Whites are always scared when they are not in a position of Power! As long as whites are in power they are fine. THIS IS DEFINITELY ABOUT PRESIDENT OBAMA'S RACE/NAME/EDUCATION/INTELLIGENCE/RELIGION/ HIS WIFE WAS EVEN ATTACKED FOR HAVING LOVELY ARMS!! WTH!!! And you say it's not about Race! OH Please!!
I recalled him being attacked for using the teleprompter??? Why, b/c it made him look and sound intelligent. Wow, that's a classic case of jealousy. What President does not resort to the use of either/both the teleprompter and a written speech on the podium??? That was soooo ridiculous. Then they called him an elitist?? Really, for excelling in school??? I'm confused. Where in history has a President been under attack for proving his US citizenship?? Only until an elected Black President did this come into question. Look at Arizona... trying to pass a law for future candiates to prove their citizenship??? Wow.. they should have passed that law before Dumb George Bush was elected.. I truly don't believe he was born in this country.... I could go on and on about how this country has totally disrespected this President is so many ways. The man was handed a total mess.. and you expect him to turn things around with the snap of a finger. Well folks, that's not how it works. If it took you many many many years to dig yourself into a mess/hole, then it's going to take many many many years to dig yourself out of that same mess. I am so sick of the "unhooded" white supremists wrecking havoc everywhere.. instead of coming up with solutions on how to get Us all out of this mess. We all are in the same boat..color does not matter when it comes to recession! Get a life and offer up some solutions folks. Stop the hate and give more love.


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